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It's easy to lose on sports betting – you don't need to put any effort. But if you want to stop losing and start winning on sports betting, you may educate a lot. On our ExpectedScore website, you will find the best information about sports betting. We provide the most accurate xG stats and the best training courses for sports bettors. These tools and materials will help you to become a professional bettor. 

What's wrong with sports predictions?

You may have seen many handicappers sell or even give their own sports predictions and betting tips for free. They could be casual gamblers, football coaches, ex-football players or other experts. The problem is that whoever they are, their predictions and tips are useless. In most cases, those handicappers not convinced of the accuracy of their sports predictions. They have a lack of knowledge to earn with sportsbetting. But even if you get betting tips from a real handicapper who gets money with betting, they would not help you. You still will struggle to earn money and finally get nothing long-term.

What is wrong with sports predictions? Why following by winning tipsters can not make you rich? Handicapper (let's assume he is a real +EV bettor) at first makes a bet with the highest odds by himself. And then he shares this bet with his audience. Each gambler who makes a bet with this exact tip reduces the bookmaker's odds by making a bet. So handicapper still has a high return on investment. But all his followers will have a lower or even negative return. 

There is no sense to use sports predictions with zero or negative return on investment – it is just a waste of time and money. Players who want to earn money with sportsbetting should choose another path to go. They should develop their predicting models and make bets according to these models. That is the only way to succeed in sportsbetting.