API is a set of functions and procedures for interaction with our database. Only API allows transmitting xG statistics from the ExpectedScore website. 

API can be used to transmit all the data of football matches, such as:

  • xG; 
  • minutes;
  • red cards.
API technical documentation >>>

You can get access to API on our website using the button below. Also, you can use our API on the RapidAPI platform  the biggest hub of APIs. More than three million developers use this service to find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs. We provide different plans on RapidAPI, so it is a great way to get a monthly subscription to our database.

Here you can try our RapidAPI >>>

Pay attention! Data parsing from ExpectedScore.com is forbidden and leads to a banned account. xG statistics is an intellectual property of the ExpectedScore project. For personal use only. Only API allows transmitting xG statistics from the ExpectedScore website. Data resale is forbidden and leads to a banned account.

ExpectedScore API
5000$ /year